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Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, Founder,

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella is an advocate and business consultant.  Her work supports binge eating disorder (BED) awareness and Weight Stigma prevention.  As a speaker, she blends science, humor and cultural wisdom to engage her audience, creating a clear understanding of where health disconnects from body shape and that neither impact personal value.

Lizabeth specializes in stopping weight bias and mental health stigma through speaking, writing, and coalition building.  She is the founder of the website and her consultancy supports business strategy and event coordination within these communities.

Lizabeth’s weight stigma advocacy has enabled her to speak at the Senate and has allowed her the honor of engaging the White House in efforts to prevent weight bias and stigma in the Let’s Move! program.

Lizabeth is a coalition builder who brings people together to create policy, often from very different viewpoints.  Her skills as a respectful leader and thoughtful teammate have built a reputation among her peers as a key individual to work with in the policy arena.

Lizabeth lives in Washington DC with her loving husband and delightfully spoiled dog Noodle.


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