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Sunny Randoll Haas

Sunny Randoll Haas, Writer

Sunny Randoll Haas is a woman of many talents, none of which earn her a red cent, but tons of well-deserved praise.  While awaiting entry to culinary school, she is currently expending her energies on mastering the home management arts, while trying like the devil to find time to write.   When she’s not catering culinary feasts for her boyfriend’s office mates (in hopes of getting them to someday pay for it), Sunny is working on her first book.  Hers is poignant and often uproarious expose’ of a cute-ish, chubby girl in a “thin is in or you’re out” world. Her most fond wish is to inspire millions to skip the seemingly endless waves of high drama and despair, dream big and go straight on to happiness.  Speaking of which, Sunny currently resides in Central Florida with the love her of life, his three sons, her beloved kitty Miss Jake and her darling puppy Ruby.

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