BED Week Wrap Up: Next Steps

Even though the social network campaign has ended, our responsibilities to our minds, bodies and culture have not.  Please take some time to look at the action items below and commit to including them in your personal interactions with your doctors, legislative activism and any other community that you think will benefit from this encouragement.

Those with BED have suffered in silence for too long. This year the American Psychiatric Association released its 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual earlier this month, which for the first time includes binge eating disorder as its own distinct category. This is a big step forward to recognizing the disorder as the mental health issue it is, but much more work lies ahead in order for those suffering to get quality care and access to that care.

The organizations sponsoring BED Week have identified several important action items that will increase prevention and access to treatment. We call on all eating disorders and healthcare professional societies, patient advocacy groups, private foundations, and government funding sources to scale up the discussion and action around the following:

1.     Communicate that BED is a mental health condition requiring treatment

2.     Increase prevention and treatment research, education, and outreach

3.     End weight stigma and body bullying

4.     Train all healthcare providers to recognize binge eating disorder

5.     Increase support of policy and advocacy education

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