Guest Post by Dancingthots

Binge Prevention Tools: My Go-to-Box


Guest post by Dancingthots – An idea for soothing tools to help you cope during stressful times.

Binge Prevention Tools: My Go-to-Box

Reeling in a Feeling of Choice

After reading this morning from various strengthening,  uplifting texts, I felt encouraged, resonating with the truth of the words:  a good outcome for one’s quiet time.   But, then I pondered a bit.  “Hmm.  These words ring true for me right now.  I am feeling great!  But, my experience tells me that if I were feeling discouraged, confused, or binge-y, the words might no longer buoy me up.”  In fact, they might be as helpful as a deflated air mattress. “Words, words, words,” to quote Eliza Doolittle.

Treasure BoxSo, what can I do to wrap up those words as “true”, along with the currently-activated emotions?  How can I capture the insights, adding it to my toolbox for later encouragement?

[Is this project anything like proposing to bottle up great weather for future usage? Maybe.  But, let’s give it a go.]

A go-to box is one provision I’ve thought of.  Into the box, considering all the senses, I will put a soft sachet scented with lavender; one or two CD*’s of music I can move to that will call up a particular emotion; some silky-soft fabric and some other evocative textures to feel; some poppy packaging materials to pop incessantly, with permission of whomever is in hearing range. I’d put in a therapy brush (it’s a sensory integration tool).  Perhaps include a few cards with heartening words from people I trust.  “Joan, you are wise and authentic, determined and hard-working.”  [That’s a real card quotation! .  Awesome friend, right?]

When I feel discouraged, rapidly losing my sense of value,  it is helpful to see/read, “Who am I?” descriptions from others.

I will need my go-to box to encourage soft as well as yelling moods, if I expect to resonate with what’s in there.  My “off” moods, the kind that send me like a croquet ball, “whack!”, can originate from many places.

Include a targeted photo or two — reflecting/calling up various moods of choice.

[Check the senses census: taste, touch, visual, auditory, olfactory, vestibular, proprioceptive..] Have a swing and a rocking chair close by. [Check] Remember deep pressure is my friend, especially when I’m feeling scattered. Wall push-ups, heavy blankets, demi-plies. Keep breathing…]

Now, those are all great ideas. Go find a “box” and begin gathering your tools.

*yep. I don’t own an ipod.

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  1. Julia

    Thank you for sharing this fantastic idea. I shared it in the ED support group i run on facebook.

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