Email Campaign – #AllinAmerica

Email Campaign – #AllinAmerica


TO: allinwithchris(at)

Subject: #AllinAmerica – Discrimination and Hate Speech in Advocacy #STOPFATHATE

Dear All in Staff:

Please include a segment in your All in America series that exposes the trolling, hate speech and violence visited upon advocates against size and weight discrimination.

Several state legislatures are developing laws to protect people from size discrimination but the process for advocating for these laws comes at a high, often violent and personal price for many activists. A recent case in point is the harassment, rape and death threats received by directors Lindsey Averill and Viri Lieberman for their work on the upcoming documentary Fattitude.

The documentary is about body image and weight bias in American culture and it includes leaders in the activism community who were also subsequently threatened. These leaders, and advocates for size diversity, experience physical assault for speaking out about health, equality and equity in accessibility. For more information about this frightening event you can see ABC News coverage about the case at documentary-spurs-death-threats/.

This is not a unique scenario, it is just a well documented and recent occurrence to illustrate the seriousness of the subject matter.

This is a social injustice and civil rights issue which would benefit greatly from being featured on your show.

It is a political story which involves legislation, civil rights, discrimination, violence and cultural belief systems. Please cover the social injustice and hate speech that advocates are subjected to when they fight discrimination.




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