Fattitude: A Body Positive  Documentary

by Lindsey Averill

Fattitude: A Body Positive  Documentary


FattitudeFattitude is a film inspired by a need – the absence of theoretical fat activism/fat acceptance in the mainstream.

What I mean by that is sometimes we are lucky enough to see people fight fat hate and fat shaming in the mainstream media but these amazing thinkers are often positioned in a defensive stance – because right out of the gate the interviewer assumes that the fat activist argument is illegitimate or ridiculous.

While all the information is out there to open the conversation about the hate that is directed at fat bodies – people don’t even seem to realize that there needs to be a conversation. And there are these amazing spaces on the Internet where you can find this information – but so many people don’t connect to information that way.

People watch movies.

So we decided why not make a movie that explains how the culture/media is perpetuating hatred against fat people. Maybe, just maybe, a movie like that would changes minds.

That is what Fattitude will be, a movie that can be used as a well-honed tool for sharing the message that fat is not the enemy.  It will make it clear that the fat body is a valid body that can be embraced and loved, and that part of reaching this body loving state is recognizing the reality that fat discrimination is a systemic prejudice – much like the prejudices we are consciously aware of, such as racism and sexism.

The main goal of Fattitude is to raise awareness – to get the mainstream population to recognize that fat hatred exists and to motivate people to see fat people as people.  One of the ways that we can do this is by creating fat characters who aren’t merely stereotypes but actual people with love lives, joy, sadness and the entire spectrum of existence.

So, yes. We dream that this film will inspire a more complex and conscious media, but we also hope that this film we just give people options and legitimize the incredible voices in the fat activist movement.

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